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Let me be your wall,
A steady arm that never falls
Amidst the shattering earth.

Let me be your anchor,
A piece of you under the vastness
Of the ocean that rocks endlessly.

Let me be your shelter,
A place to stay while rain falls
Violently on our rooftops.

Let me be your sanctuary,
Run to me,
Escape to me.

Let me be your shield.
Take cover.

Let me, set me free
Look at me and see,
I’m the home you’ve always needed me to be.

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Thought Track: Death By Paper

Happy New Year, You!

It’s been ages since I did a Thought Track, so I thought maybe this is the perfect time to just spill all the pieces of useless words in my head. It’s going to be weird, I tell you, but bear with me for just a minute. Something good might come off it. MIGHT.

Rambling GIF via BooksATrueStory | Twila B.

I guess you know that by now…

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Saying Goodbye

At the moment, a part of me is wishing I could part the EDSA traffic with a stick like Moses. Another part of me wants to stay here, stuck inside a cab, hoping this is all a bad dream.


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#TeenWeekPH is here!

See you at #TeenWeekPH!

See you at #TeenWeekPH!

Check out social media updates and stories from #TeenWeekPH at!

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Thought Track: On Lucid Dreaming

If you follow my social media accounts (all of which you can find here) you would know that I have, indeed, and again, changed companies and/or careers. I know, it sounds soooo millenial. It wasn’t for any other devastating reason, really. I just had to. Because like most millenials, I too believe in chasing after your dreams– as well as in princesses, mermaids, and wizards.
Look at this handsome assh*le...

This little piece of sh*t got me so good as a kid.

My recent posts talk about being blessed, finding the perfect path in God’s perfect time, and saying goodbye. Here’s the third part of the story– I woke up one day and realized I was just lucid dreaming. I’m not about to spoil your day, this isn’t a rant blog or a feel-bad-about-me post. I’m too much of an optimist to post such stuff. But I will say this: Inside our own dreams lay little hidden nightmares that would probably make the faint of heart run away, scared and shit.

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