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Thought Track: To Be Happy

I wanted to write about travelling to Vigan today but I can’t seem to bring myself to finish that. There’s something at the back of my mind that I can’t shrug off or forget so I’ll take the time to just take it out in here and possibly forget about it– at least for now.

Am I happy?

Are you happy?

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Interesting Lists According to John Green

If you have been following me for some time now (here or on my many, many social media accounts) that John Green is on my list of BESTEST WRITERS WHO EVER EXISTED. I once had the opportunity to interview him for an article for TubeFilter (although it too please in the realms of an email BUT STILL…). I liked the guy so much, I recently watched a string of interviews hosted by three of my favorite writers.

Well, technically, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart aren’t really writers. I mean they have all written their own books (except for Mamrie Hart as she is in the process of writing it) but they’re mainly YouTubers and comedians. But I digress. I watched three interviews and weirdly, I found out that John Green, among other things, likes listing things so much, he does lists in real life conversations. Here are lists from these friendly conversations that will shed light to John Green’s super amazing personality and interests, among others (I am liking this phrase, among others, at the moment and I don’t know why).

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An Old-Timer’s Guide to Actually Enjoying Baguio

As a kid we used to go up to Baguio every year after an annual short vacation in Pangasinan (which, BTW, was my birthplace). We would drive for about an hour or two just to get some fresh air, eat Strawberry taho, buy walis tambo and walk around the Burnham Park. Then we go back down the winding (nausea-inducing) roads and go home to Bulacan.

It was through these road trips that I have mastered the art of sleeping in all forms and sizes of vehicles under all conditions, as well as suppressing my vomit during land travels. This tradition was ended when at one point my Daddy decided it would be fun to set up a tent in Burnham Park one night during my brother’s birthday because he thought spending a night at a hotel would be too pricey. Unfortunately, we woke up to find out our car, which was parked outside the tent, had been broken into (via a smashed window) and most of our belongings completely gone (including my recently acquired flip phone, my new North Face bag and my favorite bra). Basically, we never camped out in parks after that and our visits to Baguio became super rare.

About two months ago, however, my new team mates planned a Baguio getaway (which thankfully did not include camping out at Burnham Park) as a bonding weekend for all. Yes, I immediately said yes. Patchie tagged along being that we needed that long-deserved vacation anyway. Two people in our team knew Baguio like the back of their hands because they were born there so I got a feeling that this time might be the first time I’ll ever get to ACTUALLY enjoy Baguio. We didn’t have clear itineraries, we only had clear departure and arrival dates and a list of places to go to– and by places I mean a list of really good restaurants to go to.

Here’s what we did in Baguio in three days. Mind you, if you’ve been in Baguio hundreds of times, I suggest you try these activities too and refresh your Baguio experiences. (DISCLAIMER: There is a lot of eating to do.) Don’t worry, I’ve listed all the important addresses and contact numbers at the end of the blog!

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AAAAAAND the weekend begins!

Pardon this weird post!

I just wanted you to know that I am off to another great adventure with my real life friends! Whilst you wait for a new, exciting post (ohh turning British there), go watch this fun video from the most travel-some (if there is such a word) people I know!