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See you at #TeenWeekPH!

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Thought Track: On Lucid Dreaming

If you follow my social media accounts (all of which you can find here) you would know that I have, indeed, and again, changed companies and/or careers. I know, it sounds soooo millenial. It wasn’t for any other devastating reason, really. I just had to. Because like most millenials, I too believe in chasing after your dreams– as well as in princesses, mermaids, and wizards.
Look at this handsome assh*le...
This little piece of sh*t got me so good as a kid.
My recent posts talk about being blessed, finding the perfect path in God’s perfect time, and saying goodbye. Here’s the third part of the story– I woke up one day and realized I was just lucid dreaming. I’m not about to spoil your day, this isn’t a rant blog or a feel-bad-about-me post. I’m too much of an optimist to post such stuff. But I will say this: Inside our own dreams lay little hidden nightmares that would probably make the faint of heart run away, scared and shit.

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God's time

God’s Timing Is Perfect

After 5 years of non-stop application and 10 years of daydreaming, I’m finally getting THE dream job with THE dream company. In God’s time truly…

God's time

My Day So Far | Twila Bergania

Thought Track: The Truth So Far

Here’s the truth from where I stand…

I’m sleepy, I’m tired– I’m exhausted beyond belief. I’m running on high dosages of caffeine and sugar and empathy. My smiles are plagued with fear and relief and satisfaction and anxiety. But mainly I’m just super tired.

My Day So Far | Twila Bergania
(Translation: You came home to lay down for an hour, shower, change clothes, and brush your teeth, so you can go to work again. Haha!)

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Thought Track: Where The Heck Have I Been?

Actually, the right question is: Where have I not been?

And in case you’re wondering, here’s where I have not been these past month:

  1. On WordPress uploading random stuff once a week as I promised (#SorryKinda)
  2. Outside, having fun with my friends
  3. At Starbucks, drinking coffee (because my UTI and acid reflux won’t allow me to have a decent cup of happiness)
  4. Any place interesting, or worth blogging about
  5. Any time and place I’m actually, mentally supposed to be
My Mental State ATM | TwilaB
My Mental State ATM…

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